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Israel Real Estate: How To Buy Smart

People often tell us, “I should have bought an apartment in Eretz Yisrael ten years ago. Prices were lower, opportunities were better – I missed the boat.” This sentiment isn’t new. In fact, we have been hearing this line for the past dozen years, ever since we entered the Israel real estate market.

Over the past twelve years, we have had the privilege to help over a thousand families fulfill their dream of owning a home in Israel. These experiences covered bull markets, bear markets, recessionary times, and inflationary times. Throughout the years, the market has remained robust.

Israel real estate has historically fared better than most countries during financial downturns for several reasons; we’ll mention two. First, Israelis generally have a larger percentage of equity in their homes than owners overseas – which explains why foreclosures in Israel are rare. A second reason is based on the rule of supply and demand: Israel is expected to double in size over the next fifty years, thus housing demand will continue unabated.

Consequently, we expect that in ten years from now, people will be saying, “I should have bought an apartment in Israel ten years ago. Prices were lower, opportunities were better – I missed the boat.”

You have not missed the boat. Now is an excellent time to purchase a home in Israel. However, the key is to make sure that you “buy smart.”

This September, the “My Israel Home” team, led by Gedaliah Borvick, and joined by an exceptional panel of real estate experts, will be in NY, NJ, PA and MD running programs that will explain how to identify smart buying opportunities. They will focus on projects that offer strong upside potential from both a communal perspective and a financial perspective.

Here's their presentation schedule (click on the city for details):

Tuesday evening, Sept. 6 - Lower Merion, PA

Wednesday evening, Sept. 7 - Baltimore, MD

Thursday evening, Sept. 8 - Silver Spring, MD

Sunday morning, Sept. 11 - Teaneck, NJ

Sunday evening, Sept. 11 - Kew Gardens Hills, NY

Monday evening, Sept. 12 - North Woodmere, NY

Tuesday evening, Sept. 13 - Far Rockaway, NY

Wednesday evening, Sept. 14 - New Hempstead, NY

In addition, they will be available to set up private meetings. Please contact Gedaliah Borvick (email:; whatsapp: +972-54-623-0099) for more information.

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