Founder and Team Manager

Primary Areas of Focus: Jerusalem, Efrat, New Projects

IL/WhatsApp: +972-54.623.0099 | US: 347.897.9943

Gedaliah Borvick has spent thirty years in real estate – as an attorney, as an investment sales broker, and as Senior Vice President of Acquisitions at Extell Development Company.
In 2010, Gedaliah founded My Israel Home, a unique brokerage firm that provides outstanding client-driven service, focused on helping families from abroad navigate the often challenging process of purchasing and selling homes in Israel, and has had the privilege to help hundreds of families fulfill this dream.
Gedaliah writes an Israel real estate column for a number of U.S. periodicals; his articles can be found on our Blog page.
Gedaliah received his bachelor’s degree from Yeshiva University and is a graduate of the Benjamin Cardozo School of Law. He, his wife Fayge and family live in Bet Shemesh.



Jerusalem Team Leader

Primary Areas of Focus: Jerusalem, New Projects | IL: +972-50-525-8080

Eliezer Goldberg, the son of British olim, was born and raised in Jerusalem. He became a real estate agent in 2003, and is a leading broker in central Jerusalem. Eliezer is blessed with an encyclopedic knowledge of the Jerusalem market, coupled with an eye for detail and value enhancement.
Eliezer  has also served as a zoning consultant since 2007 when he established HETER, now a leading company handling building permits and rezoning applications in the Jerusalem region.
Eliezer has a bachelor’s degree in businesses management from Derby University. Eliezer, his wife Yael and their four children live in Jerusalem's Old Katamon community.

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Netanya and Bet Shemesh Team Leader

Primary Areas of Focus: Netanya, Bet Shemesh, Jerusalem, Ra'anana, Herzliya, Tel Aviv

IL/Whatsapp: +972-54.219.4980 | US: 929.230.1654 |

UK: 203.769.1324

Ruthie Yudin was born and raised in England and then lived in the US for many years before making Aliyah with her husband and children in 2006.
Ruthie's smarts, dynamic personality, and caring and thoughtful nature have helped propel her into an elite agent who is always looking out for her clients' well being.
Ruthie has advanced degrees in Education and English, and was a master teacher before entering real estate.

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Leasing and Management Leader

Area of Focus: Jerusalem | +972-50-440-1004

Yael Goldberg heads up our Jerusalem leasing and management operations, and has worked with her husband Eliezer in real estate for over a dozen years.
We are fortunate to have Yael playing an active role in the company, as she is blessed with equal doses of wisdom and common sense, and serves as a steadying anchor during the daily storm of business activity.



Danny Rosenbluth manages the company's accounting and financial activities, and is involved in operational planning.
Danny was born in Canada and has grown up in Israel. He graduated Bar Ilan University's Economics program. He and his wife Yonina and family live in Moshav Aderet.

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